Unexpected Delays


I live in a small town along the Oregon coast and trying to get anywhere in the summer time is a true test of one’s patience.  Traffic is bumper to bumper for miles and what would normally takes 15 minutes can end up taking an hour or more.  Tourists  love admiring the ocean and driving 35-40 in a 55 mile an hour zone, which frustrates the daylight out of us locals.  But those of us who live here, know there’s a passing lane just  a few miles ahead.  But, that doesn’t help if you’re running late for an appointment in a hurry to get to work.   Unexpected delays are a part of life, especially life on the Oregon coast in the summer time.  But, eventually you get used to it and learn to plan ahead.

So  I packed up my chrome book, and other supplies and headed into town.  By the time I got there, went through Starbucks, got to the Library and squeezed into the very last parking space, I was feeling frustrated and out of sorts, and to make matters worse, the place was packed.  The chance of finding a quiet spot to write was very slim.  So I headed  downstairs in search of some solitude, found an spot at a  table and started writing, but on paragraph later,  the constant  sound of cell phones ringing, kids yelling, crying and people talking was more than I could handle.  So I packed up my stuff, got in my car and headed home.  What I really needed was a writers retreat.  A quiet place I could write with no distractions, phone calls, or interruptions.  I’d just made a commitment to finish the final draft of my novel in 90 days and I was encountering nothing but obstacles and delays, which discouraged me even more.  But good news was waiting for me at home. y husband had spent the last three months looking for a job and finally found one  He gave me a big hug and we breathed a sigh of relief.   I was so happy for my husband  all the stress and frustration melted away. But there was more.

My writing area was currently in the den, next to the kitchen and not an ideal place for writing, so we decided to turn the guest room into a writing room. Now I have a place to write, with less noise, distractions and interruptions.   I’m always amazed at how God intervenes in our life, to solve a problem when we least expect it.   I took a huge step forward, when I made the commitment to finish the final draft of my novel and submit it to the publisher by December. Although I  experienced some obstacles and got discouraged  it all worked out for good.   That’s progress!

How do you handle delays and obstacles that interfere with your goals in life?

J. Wallace / Writer by the Sea