A change of scenery

One of the things I struggle with as a writer is a lack of inspiration.  It’s easy to get bogged down by the demands of everyday life and fail to notice things we pass by everyday that could inspire and motivate us to write.  Every year around May I go visit my parents in Nevada and go by sign that says Salt Creek  Falls, but I never bothered to check it out.  But last weekend I made arrangements to meet  my dad in Klamath Falls and saw the Salt Creek sign again. I  was tempted to stop and see it right, but my dad was already in K falls so I kept going.  My dad and I had a nice visit.  Sunday morning he headed back to Nevada and I headed back home to the coast, determined to stop at Salt Creek Falls.

Sometimes the best way to find inspiration is a change of scenery.   The best part of the drive from Klamath falls to Eugene is along highway 58.  As I drove, I  thought about  on  the height of the mountains,  the thick density of trees, glimpses of the creek as it flows down from the mountains tops while watching for the sign to the falls.   When I got there, I turned in, followed the narrow road and pulled into the parking area. I can’t explain the sense of wonder and awe I felt as I walked along the path to the falls, but that was nothing compared to seeing the majesty of Salt creek falls.  I’m not usually afraid of heights but looking over the edge of railing caused me to tremble from the inside out. and made light headed.

Salt Creek falls is 286 feet and the second highest falls in Oregon  But when you’re looking over the rail an watching it drop down into the canyon below it feels like more like a 1000 feet up.  The only way I could get  close enough to take a picture without feeling lightheaded was to lean against one of the rock formations used to hold the railing in place and even that was scary. But, it was an experience I’ll never forget and the change of scenery inspired me in ways I never imagined it could.  Now I’m wondering  how to incorporate my visit to the falls into a scene in my next book. So if you’re looking for inspiration, maybe its time for a change of scenery.