The self publishing dilemma

Nowadays, more writers are choosing to self-publish instead of using a traditional publisher,  I think you have to carefully evaluate which one is best for you and fits with the goals you have a writer.  Self-publishing basically means, you do all the work; from writing the book to marketing it and if you’re willing to invest the time, effort and money into self-publishing book then it might be the right choice for you and there’s a lot of options when it comes to self-publishing.    You can do it yourself through websites like  Book Baby you can choose self-publishing company and purchase one of their publishing packages.  However, before you invest thousands of dollars to have your book published, by one of these companies,  check them out thoroughly.   Some self-publishing companies have been involved in lawsuits for fraud, failure to pay royalties, deceptive practices and more.  Never make a rash decision, based on hyped up promises especially, when it comes to your hard earned money.

When I began thinking about trying to get my novel published I looked into several self-publishing companies and evaluated the price of the publishing packages against the time, effort and cost of doing it myself and here’s what I discovered.   1. Writing the book, only cost my time and effort. 2.   Hiring a professional editor to do a developmental and copy edit would cost around 2,500 dollars or more depending on the editor.   On top of that, you have the cost of the book design, printing, and marketing.   A publishing package, depending on the company you chose, ranges between 1,000 – 4,500.  Investing that much money and not knowing if your book sales will be enough to recoup your investment, isn’t a good idea.  I’ve met a lot of writers who fell in that trap and never recouped their losses.

There’s a lot of options available when it comes to self-publishing and companies who offer publishing packages. What works for one person may not work for someone else.    A lot depends on why you’re writing a book,  who your writing for and the kind of outcome you want from it.   If you’re writing it for yourself,  friends,  or family then a   website like Book Baby might be your best option.  But if you’re serious about your writing  and plan on writing more books or making a career out of it,  then you may want to invest in a publishing package from a reputable company that can help launch your writing career.  Self-publishing can be a good way to get your foot in the door and get noticed by a traditional publisher.

I’ve been writing for many years and was content writing articles and other content for an online newsletter. But that changed when I attended my first writer’s conference and got a lot of positive feedback from a couple editors on a novel I  was working on.  Their feedback gave me hope.  Although, it took a long time for that seed of hope to bloom, when it did something in me came alive and with it came the determination to become a published author and I will be.  Every journey begins with a single step forward.  I made mine the day I promised to finish the final draft of my novel Twist of  Fate and submit it to the company we bought the publishing package from.   I have to admit it’s kind of scary and feel like I’m walking into a pitch black cave without a flashlight and have no idea what’s inside the cave.   But I’m moving forward anyway and with that determination comes even more hope. Why, because God was the one who gave me the desire to be a writer and the creativity and imagination to go with it. My part is to do the best I can, trust him to lead me through the process and bless it.  It doesn’t matter which avenue of publishing I choose, what matters is what I  do with the gift God gave me.

J. Wallace