Writing in my dreams

Have you ever had a dream that was so vivid and rich with details, color, smells, that you felt like you’d actually been there?   If so it’s an experience you never forget. But what do you do with a dream like that? Some people write it down and some use it a springboard of inspiration and turn it into a novel. What do you do with things your dream in the wee hours of the morning?  Do you rush to your computer to write it down, or maybe you have a notepad by your bed. However, you choose to do it, a dream can be a valuable tool in the hand of a writer.

I don’t remember the day or year it happened that dream invaded my life, but I never forgot the dream. my dream was about an old mansion built in the early  1900’s. In Salem Oregon, which was where I lived at the time, but the only part of the house in my dream was an upstairs bedroom and the front entryway.  The dream which was so vivid with details that if I’d been an artist I could have painted it exactly as I saw it in the dream.  the next thing I saw in my dream was the picture of a family tree with all the names.  When I woke up the next morning, the dream was there as if it had etched itself into my memory banks and refused to leave.   So, I wrote it all down and pondered about what to do with it eventually came up with a story idea and started writing.   Then an odd thing happened.  I saw an add in a realtor magazine for a house, and the picture of the front entryway looked exactly like the one in, my dream.  I couldn’t believe it, could the house in my dream be real?  So, I called the realtor and asked if I could see the house. I said was in college studying journalism and was interested in writing about the historic houses in the area.  The realtor told me I had to contact the owner and gave me her number.  But the owner freaked out when I told her I was studying journalism and hung up on me and thought I’d lost my chance.

Long story short, a few years later, I was at work, taking a break and looking at the newspaper, and saw the house again.  That’s my house I said out loud without thinking.  The girl next to me, no way, I know who owns that.  So, I told her about my dream and she told me that lady also owned the building where I worked and would probably let me see the house.  A few days later I was standing at the front door of the house in my dream.  The lady was very kind, and gracious to this budding writer as I shared my dream and the first few pages of the story I’d been writing about the house. I left the house that day with information about the history of the house and a lot more.  The story I started about that house way back in college has changed many times over the years and evolved into a possible four-book series. At the moment it’s patiently sitting in my file waiting for me to finish it.  . . and I will.   Now, you know what I did with one of my dreams, what do you do with your dreams?  Share your thoughts in the comment section. I’d love to hear from you.

J. Wallace