5 ways to enjoy the holiday season

I loved Christmas when I was a kid, we had a huge fresh cut pine tree, decorated with a string of popcorn and cranberries, ornaments and underneath the tree was a big pile of presents.  My grandmother did all the cooking and made everything from scratch.   The smell of homemade pies, bread,  turkey filled the house and made our stomachs growl.   Outside several layers of snows covered the front yard and huge icicles hung from the eves of our house. Those memories still linger in my mind and wish I could recreate the excitement, and childlike wonder I felt back then.  And enjoy the simple pleasure of the Christmas holiday. But it’s become so commercialized, the real meaning of Christmas seems to have gotten lost in the holiday rush.  But maybe it’s time we let go of the modern day concept of Christmas and turn our focus on the real reason for the season, and ways we can enjoy it.

Manger at night under fog

1.  Simply your holiday plans.  Don’t overload yourself with added responsibilities.  Ask family, members to help; with wrapping presents, making holiday treats, shopping decorating the tree etc.

2. Plan ahead. Don’t wait till the last minute to do holiday shopping or buy groceries for your Christmas dinner.

3 Be a smart shopper.  set a budget and stick to it, watch for sales, use coupons and buy online it saves time, energy and you don’t have to fight the crowds.

4. Take care of yourself, by getting enough rest, eat properly and do something you enjoy. If you’re stressed, tired and overworked, you won’t enjoy the holidays or being with your family.

5. Last but certainly not least take time to remember why we celebrate Christmas. I know that people celebrate the holiday in different ways and I understand that. But for me, it’s about Jesus and giving to others.  As I’ve gotten older I’ve learned to simplify the holidays by planning ahead,  shopping online, and making a simple meal for my husband, because we don’t have family nearby.  One of the things I love to do is make homemade Christmas cards for friends and family. There’s an unexplainable joy that comes when you give to others without expecting anything in return. . . and it’s so much fun, you want to do it again and again.  So now it’s become a tradition and every year I spend  2-3 weeks making Christmas cards and enjoy every minute of it.

Now it’s your turn, how do you celebrate the Christmas season and do you have any special traditions you follow?



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