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J. Wallace

I’m Judy Wallace,  I live along the beautiful Oregon coast with my husband Ron and our adorable dog Charlie.  I enjoy walking on the beach, hiking in the woods, cooking, and paper crafting and writing.  I live along the beautiful Oregon coast with my husband Ron and our adorable dog Charlie.

I’m a Christian writer and a member of  Oregon Christian  Writer’s Association and previously a member of Willamette Writers.  I’ve had some of my work published in small-town newspapers.   I studied journalism and creative writing in college and continued my education by taking additional courses.  I later volunteered as a writer on for a Christian newspaper and also wrote content for newsletters.  When I worked as a case manager for disabled adults, I  designed a personalized cookbook for a client to help them learn how to cook as well as other written content for my job.

Although I’ve been writing for many years,  I longed for the sense of adventure that comes with writing fiction.   So, I read everything I could about writing fiction along with a lot of novels.  A lot of what we learn from reading happens intuitively and we may not realize it until we need to use it, which is what happens when I write.  I tune into that sixth sense {as some put it} and allow myself to become immersed in the story and the lives of my characters.   I’m currently working on the final draft of my novel Twist of Fate. { for publication/ West Bow Press.}   I have two other novels in process and plans for a non-fiction book as well.





J. Wallace

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