Twist of Fate

   A novel by J. L Wallace { Estimated Publication Date 8/2019}

  Do all things really work together for good?  The Templars are about to find out.

Darius Templar’s life is falling apart piece by agonizing piece. His marriage is on the rocks, his job is in jeopardy and his father has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.  Out of desperation, Darius comes up with a plan that he thinks will fix his marriage and everything else. But his good intentions end up putting him and his family in danger.

Isabel Templar has a thriving practice as a family counselor, but her life is a wreck.  She started menopause early and it’s causing havoc with Darius, her job with her teenage son Jessup, who thinks she’s having a nervous breakdown and maybe she is.

Jessup Templar is sixteen, he’s a whiz on computers, a chess champion, and has a very unusual gift.  Some people, think he is psychic, including his parents. But his adopted sister, Sadie believes it’s a gift from God.  But when that gift predicts a tragedy and it comes to pass Jessup is convinced it’s his fault and questions his faith in God.

Will the Templars turn to God in the midst of their tragedy or will the tragedy cause them to become bitter and turn away from God?

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