By J. Wallace

John 15: 4 -8 “Abide in me and I in you as a branch cannot bear fruit of itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you unless you abide in me. If you abide in me and my words abide in you. “You shall ask what you will and it shall be done for you.” By this my father shall be glorified that you may bear much fruit.”    The word abide means to; remain with, stand firm, endure, and to behave in accordance with a rule or promise.

George Muller was a Christian evangelist {1805-1898} He did follow up work for D. L. Moody, preached for Charles Spurgeon, and inspired the missionary faith of Hudson Taylor and understood the concept of abiding.    As a result God faithfully provided  all  his needs as well as the needs of the orphanage he started in 1836.   Müller never made requests for financial support, nor did he go into debt, even though the five homes cost over £100,000 to build.    On one well-documented occasion, they gave thanks for breakfast when all the children were sitting at the table, even though there was nothing to eat in the house. As they finished praying, the baker knocked on the door with sufficient fresh bread to feed everyone, and the milkman gave them plenty of fresh milk because his cart broke down in front of the orphanage.   Another example: Every morning after breakfast there was a time of Bible reading and prayer, and every child was given a Bible upon leaving the orphanage, together with a tin trunk containing two changes of clothing. The children were dressed well and educated.

On March 9, 1898 he was found dead on the floor beside his bed where he’d been praying.   George Muller  had read his Bible from end to end almost 200 times.  He had prayed in millions of dollars (in today’s currency} for the Orphans and never asked anyone directly for money.  He never took a salary in the last 68 years of his ministry, but trusted God to put in people’s hearts to send him what he needed. He never took out a loan or went into debt and neither he nor the orphans were ever hungry.  George Muller is only one of many men and woman over the course of history who  learned the importance of abiding and experienced the  benefits and blessings God provides to those who truly abide in Him.

The Bible says, God is the same today, yesterday and forever. {He never changes} {Hebrews 13:8} So if we learn to abide in Christ, { remain, stand firm, endure} and stand strong in the knowledge that God keep his promises. {have faith}  we can be assured that God will also meet our needs, heal and bless us as we continue to abide in him.   Abiding requires consistency and that develops intimacy.   As you study,  pray and learn more about Jesus your relationship with him will grow and it you’ll want to spend time with him everyday.   Remember  your first love and how you couldn’t wait to spend time with that person?   That’s how Jesus wants us to feel about him.

In summary : One of the most important things I’ve learned in my walk with God is learning to chose God will over my own, spend time with him, read the bible daily attend church and most of all live what I believe and the only way I can do that is to abide with the lover of my soul.






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