No place like home

The classic movie Wizard of Oz ends with Dorothy “There’s no place like home.” Words that have echoed across the sands of time and etched their message in our hearts. Lyman Frank Baum, the author of Wizard of Oz, was as religious man and his beliefs were reflected in his writing. C.S Lewis and J.R. Tolkien also encrypted Christian beliefs and values into the pages of their beloved books. What better way to send a message of hope and truth than to weave it into a magical story that will touch the hearts of everyone who reads it.  I believe, the Wizard of Oz is more than just a story of Dorothy, Toto, rainbows, tornados, witches and Oz; it’s a story of a heart searching for a home.

All of us, want to belong to a family where grace, love and forgiveness a interwoven each relationship like threads in a tapestry, the place we call home. Dorothy lived with her aunt and uncle on a farm in Kansas with nothing but pigs and chickens for companions, which can be a lonely place for a young girl. A young girl who probably dreamed about having friends, pretty clothes and what her future might be. I don’t blame Dorothy for wanting to leave the dull-drums of farm life and experience something new. Dorothy was a dreamer and imagined a better life somewhere over the rainbow, but had no idea she was about to get a taste of life beyond the rainbow. Life beyond the rainbow, didn’t start out well at all. Although The munchkins were happy her house killed the wicked witch of the west, the witch of the east appeared and vowed revenge.

Sometimes we’re like Dorothy and we think life would be better somewhere else. Until we end up in OZ and realize the enemy is after us with a relentless vengeance. But instead of using the magic slippers together we get consumed by fear. Fear blind us to the fact that we have all the power we need to vanquish the enemy. All the power we need is found in the name. . . Jesus. Jesus, is the power found in the red slippers on our feet while we traveled through OZ and it’s his name that helps us get back home where we belong.  So, If you’re feeling like you’re lost in OZ and the enemy of your soul is taunting you and dogging your every  step.  Don’t give up or back down.  Throw the bucket of God’s word at the enemy and watch him melt away, then  then click those pretty red slippers together and go home where you belong.  The lesson here is simple, if our heart is securely fastened to the Lord, we won’t need to look over the rainbow for more and we can say like Dorothy did. “There’s no place like home”

J. Wallace

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